xonTAB's File Sender - xonTAB.tk


  1. Anti-Virus Scan.
  When The File is Received, the File is Scanned with an Anti-Virus Installed in your Computer.  This is Considered as a critical Security Feature as Executable files and Compressed Files (ZIP, RAR ...) can easily contain a Malware or Malicious Code.
  2. Progress Bar.
  A Progress Bar When Sending or Receiving File.

  1. Solved Bugs.
  Solved Various Bugs in Chat, Sending and Receiving of Files.
  2. Enhanced Chatting.
  Added Button to Extend Main Window for Chatting.  Now you can Chat simultaneously and the User will know when you are Typing a Message.
  3. MD5 File Integrity Checking.
  Automatically The File/s Sent will be Checked to make Sure that the File is Sent Completely without any Errors. No Messages will Be Prompt when the file is Successfully Sent.
  4. Some GUI Enhancements.
  Most Important Enhancement is When an IP is Entered the User can Press Enter key to Place Call.